Labour law and labor relations registration

  • the audit documentation of the enterprise in the area of employment
  • consulting on recruitment, transfer, dismissal of staff
  • drafting employment agreements
  • organization of recruitment under contracts and outsourcing, outstaffing
  • preparation of legal conclusions in regarding the recruitment / transfer / dismissal of staff
  • consultations on the changes in legislation, the presence of restrictive measures, legislative analysis of the possible risks and the applicable penalties

Why do you (the employer) should contact the Legal Bureau of the maximum regarding the labor issues:

  • When you need to get a consultation regarding labor legislation (admission, dismissal, transfer, relocation the employee);
  • When you want understand which differences between the employee attraction as part of the employment contract and civil contract, to learn about the employer's liability in such a case;
  • When you need to conclude fixed-term employment agreement with the employee and to fix the special terms and conditions of his employability;
  • When you need to sign an employment contract with the head of the company and specify the conditions of his appointment and responsibilities (and for foreign employees also obtain a permit to work in Ukraine and residence permit);
  • When you have a dispute with an employee;
  • when you want to dismiss an employee;
  • When your employee goes on maternity leave;
  • When you want to change the essential labor conditions at the enterprise;
  • When you need to develop and implement job descriptions for staff;
  • When you need to develop and conclude a collective agreement at the enterprise;
  • When the dismissed employee, considering the base of dismissal of illegal, applies to a court with a claim against your company.

What does a customer gets by contacting us on issues of labor law and the the registration of labor relations:

  • A clear understanding of the rights and obligations of employers and the employee (a specific example of the Client);
  • A clear understanding of the employer's risk at registration labor relations with violations of labor legislation;
  • Consistent description of the steps of the Employer (if he has a problem with an employee) with a view to resolving the situation;
  • Preparation of fixed-term employment agreement (contract) with the inclusion of additional conditions (additional arrangements between the employer and the employee);
  • Representation and protection of the interests of employers in communicating with employee or labor collective;
  • Development and implementation of an enterprise job descriptions, the provisions of departments.

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