Judicial practice

What does a client who turns to us for help?

  • We are exploring the case and give a clear picture of the chances of winning. For this purpose we analyze similar cases and the position of the court;
  • We are collect and building in a competent chain of all the evidence in your favor;
  • We prepare a statement of claim and pay the state fee;
  • We participate in all court proceedings on the case, eliminates you the need to visit the court session;
  • We obtain the court's decision and let you know when it enters into force;
  • We will notify you when an appeal has been filed by the second party or we will file an appeal if you are not satisfied with the decision;
  • We will provide a court decision, which came into force in the executive service;
  • We will control that the executor has made the maximum possible in order to implement this decision.

Our services


  • ТМ Milavitsa
  • Our company has been in cooperation with LBM (Legal Bureau ‘Maximum’) since 2010.