Permanent residence permit for parents if their children are citizens of Ukraine (outside the quota)

A permanent residence permit (PRP) - a document that certifies a foreigner identity and gives the right to reside legally on the territory of Ukraine, freely (without a visa) to enter and leave the country, as well as to work in Ukraine without issuing a permit, during the whole period its actions.

A permanent residence permit is issued from the age of 16 and should be to exchange at the age of 25 and 45.

Children, for the purposes of this paragraph, may be either adult citizens of Ukraine or minors or juveniles. For example, foreign parents have a child, who was born in Ukraine. Such a child, at the request of the parents, can obtain a certificate of registration of a person by a citizen of Ukraine, and foreign parents get the right to obtain Immigration permit to Ukraine (of course, provided they are legally resident in Ukraine).

The right to obtain a permanent residence permit in Ukraine is granted to foreign citizens who have obtained an Immigration Permit. The general period for obtaining such a permit is up to 1 year from the date of submission of the required documents. The permit for immigration is valid for 1 year. It means that the foreigner has 1 year to move from his country to Ukraine. And also a foreigner has a grace period of 6 months from the date of issuing an immigration permit for the importation of his valuables, a car without payment of any fees (duties).


After obtain a permanent residence, a foreigner should within 30 days to register their place of residence. If you do not have an apartment where you can to register, we can register you at our address for additional fee (Kiev, Kiev region).


Required documents for obtaining immigration permit:

1. Application

2. Photo 3,5х4,5 cm (4 pcs.)

3. Passport

4. Documents confirming the child's belonging to the citizenship of Ukraine

5. Documents confirming the address of residence in the country of citizenship and in Ukraine

6. Identification number (if any)

7. Certificate of income, confirming the existence of legitimate sources of subsistence (bank statement, notarial application-guarantee of financial security)

8. Fee



The term for obtaining an immigration permit is also up to 1 year from the date of submission of the required documents, but in practice 3-4 months. Term for obtaining of a permanent residence permit is up to 10 calendar days.

Our company is ready to offer and provide a set of services in processing all documents and passing procedures, including reducing the time limit for obtaining Immigration permit.

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