Citizenship of Ukraine by territorial origin

If you or at least one of your close relatives were born or permanently resided before November 13, 1991 in the territory that became the territory of Ukraine, then you have the right to obtain Ukrainian citizenship.

Close relatives, in this case, are: parents, grandfather or grandmother, brother or sister (full and not full-fledged), son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter.


Get citizenship in the presence of the above reasons is the fastest and easiest way, not requiring the collection of various documents (as in cases of acquisition of citizenship by living 5 years or through marriage). The main thing is to clearly show the chain of family ties with a man who was born or lived in Ukraine until 1991.


Required documents:

  1. Application

  2. 2 Photos 35х45 mm

  3. Passport with a translation into Ukrainian

  4. Birth certificate

  5. Documents confirming the fact of birth or the fact of residence of a corresponding relative on the territory of Ukraine

  6. Documents confirming the relationship of the applicant with the person who was born or lived in Ukraine

  7. Obligation within two years to terminate the previous citizenship or the Declaration on the absence of foreign citizenship


Term: up to 3 months for obtaining a temporary identity card of a Ukrainian citizen and after submitting documents confirming your exit from citizenship of your country - for 2-3 weeks we will get the id-passport of Ukraine.