Citizenship of Ukraine through marriage

One of the most common ways to obtain Ukrainian citizenship is marriage with Ukrainian. Also, such a method is chosen by those foreigners who have no other grounds for obtaining citizenship. The main requirements are:

  • Uninterrupted marriage for more than 2 years;

  • Obtaining permission for immigration by a foreigner;

  • Waiver of your citizenship


There are 2 ways to register a marriage in Kyiv:

  1. By general procedure: filing an application to the Registry office and painting in 1 month, payment of the minimum fee. For valid reasons (if any supporting documents), this period may be reduced.

  2. Registration of marriage for 1 day: the procedure for registering a marriage through the service "GOTOVO" within 24 hours from the date of filing the application by the newlyweds. The cost of such registration (fee) from 6500 UAH up to 12500 UAH.


It should be noted that before the submission of applications, is checked the legality of the stay of a foreigner on the territory of Ukraine (it takes from 1 to 3 working days).

Our company is ready to ensure and provide quality services for each requirement in obtaining Ukrainian citizenship through marriage.

Required documents:

  1. Application

  2. 3 Photos 35х45 mm

  3. Passport with a translation into Ukrainian

  4. Copy of the passport of the second spouse-Ukrainian

  5. The certificate of marriage

  6. Immigration Permit

  7. Permanent or temporary residence permit

  8. Certificate of absence criminal records

  9. Document, which confirming knowledge or understanding of the Ukrainian language

  10. Confirmation of sufficient financial support

  11. Obligation to terminate the previous citizenship within 2 years

  12. State fee

Term: up to 1 year

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