Citizenship of Ukraine on the basis of legal residence in the territory of Ukraine continuously for 5 years

Every foreign citizen who has been permanently residing on the territory of Ukraine for more than 5 years legally has the right to obtain Ukrainian citizenship. The procedure is quite long and requires the collection volume of documents. However, this method of acquiring the citizenship of Ukraine is one of the most popular among the foreigners who have permanent residence permit in Ukraine.


Basic conditions:

  1. Continuous living in Ukraine for more than 5 years;

  2. Legal residence in Ukraine during this period, that is, have a permanent residence permit.


Required documents:

  1. Application

  2. 3 Photos 35х45 mm

  3. Passport with a translation into Ukrainian

  4. Immigration Permit

  5. Permanent residence permit

  6. Confirmation of continuous residence in Ukraine during the last 5 years

  7. Certificate of absence criminal records

  8. Document, which confirming knowledge or understanding of the Ukrainian language

  9. Confirmation of sufficient financial support

  10. Obligation to terminate the previous citizenship within 2 years

  11. State fee


Term: up to 1 year