Citizenship of Ukraine to your child, who was born on the territory of Ukraine (certificate of citizenship of Ukraine)

Acquisitions of citizenship of Ukraine can children, at the request of one of the parents or a legal representative, provided that the child did not acquire any other citizenship.



- parents (one of them) were Ukrainians at the moment of birth;

- was born in Ukraine from foreigners, stateless persons or refugees;

- was born outside of Ukraine from stateless persons;

- a newborn child found on the territory of Ukraine, both of whose parents are unknown (found).


Please note that one of the conditions for acquiring Ukrainian citizenship by a child is the legal basis for the residence of parents (one of them) in Ukraine.

Children aged 14 to 18 shall acquire the citizenship of Ukraine only subject to their consent for.

The procedure for obtaining citizenship by a child (certificate of citizenship) is accelerated with a minimum package of documents.


Required documents:

  1. Application

  2. 2 Photos 35х45 mm

  3. Passport with a translation into Ukrainian

  4. Birth certificate of the child

  5. Document that confirms the legal residence of the applicant on the territory of Ukraine


Term: up to 3 months