Temporary residence permit on the basis of family reunification with foreigners legally residing on the territory of Ukraine (has a temporary residence permit)

Foreigners who legally reside in Ukraine and have obtained a temporary residence permit can transport their family members (husband/wife, minor children, including underage children of husband/wife, disabled parents) to Ukraine and also get a temporary residence. Information about children under 16 is included in the resident permit of one of the parents. So, for children till 16 years the TRP are not issued.

The procedure looks like this:

1. The presence or obtain of TRP by one of the family members on the basis of work in Ukraine, study, work in representative office of foreign company etc.

2. Obtaining a visa D for family members (for countries with a visa order of entry)

3. Obtaining of TRP for family members

4. Registration of a place of residence.


Temporary residence permit for family members is issued for the period of validity of donor temporary residence permit and can also be extended simultaneously unlimited number of times.


Particular attention should be given to the duration of stay in Ukraine until the receipt of the TRP. It is legal to stay in Ukraine for the period of validity of the visa (for visa countries) or not more than 90 days in the last 180 days from the date of the last entry into Ukraine (for visa-free countries). Also, your passport should have a validity period that covers the period for which the residence permit will be issued.


Required documents:

1. Application

2. Photo 3,5х4,5 cm (4 pcs.)

3. Passport with visa D (for visa countries) + notarized translation

4. Temporary residence permit for foreigner

5. Statement of the host side

6. A document confirming family relations with a foreigner

7. Sufficient financial support of the host party for the maintenance of family members

8. Insurance (We provide medical insurance for foreigners (for aim temporary resident permit in Ukraine)   for a period of 1 year. The cost is 675 UAH / year “)

9. Fee

Term: up to 10 days