Temporary residence permit based on marriage with Ukrainian

One of the most common ways to get a temporary residence permit (TRP) is married to a Ukrainian. TRP though the marriage is one of the steps of obtaining a permanent residence permit or citizenship of Ukraine after 2 years of the marriage (full proposals about the obtaining Ukrainian citizenship on the basis of marriage with Ukrainian, look in our services link) – https://legal-maximum.com/en/services/poluchenie-grazhdanstvo-ukraini/poluchenie-grazhdanstva-ukraini-po-braku/ .

To date, there are 2 ways to register a marriage in Kyiv:

  1. By the general procedure: submission of an application to the Registry Office and the "signature" after 1 month, pay the minimum fee. For valid reasons (in the presence of supporting documents), this period can be reduced.

  2. Registration of marriage for 1 day: the procedure for registering a marriage through the service "Gotovo" within 24 hours from the date of filing the application by the newlyweds. It should be noted that before the application of review the legality of the foreigner's stay in Ukraine (ranked from 1 to 3 working days). The cost of such registration (official fee, not our services) makes from 6500 UAH to 12500 UAH.


Temporary residence permit on the basis of marriage is issued for a period of 1 year with the possibility of an annual extension.


Particular attention should be given to the duration of stay in Ukraine until the receipt of the TRP. It is legal to stay in Ukraine for the period of validity of the visa (for visa countries) or not more than 90 days in the last 180 days from the date of the last entry into Ukraine (for visa-free countries). Also, your passport must have a validity period that covers the period for which the residence permit will be issued.

You are obliged to register your residence in Ukraine within 30 days after receiving a temporary residence permit. But if, for example, the landlord of a rented apartment does not consent to your registration in his apartment), we will help you with such registration for one of the addresses of our apartments for an additional fee in Kiev or Kiev region. At what, the address of residence of the wife and the husband can be not coinciding.


Required documents:

1. Application

2. Photo 3,5х4,5 cm (4 pcs.)

3. Passport with visa D (for visa countries) + notarized translation

4. Copy of the passport of the second spouse-Ukrainian

5. Statement of the spouse-Ukrainian

6. Certificate of marriage

7. Insurance ( We provide medical insurance for foreigners (for aim temporary resident permit in Ukraine)   for a period of 1 year. The cost is 675 UAH / year )

8. Fee

Term: up to 10 days (for temporary residence permit)