Tax law, risk minimization and optimization of taxation

  • consultation on the choice of the tax system based on the proposed activity
  • preparation of legal opinions on the application of tax law
  • Consultancy preparation of requests for obtaining individual tax advice
  • representation of interests in the fiscal service of Ukraine at all levels, support of inspections
  • advice on the application of the agreements on avoidance of double taxation of income paid to non-resident (payment services, royalties, interest, dividends and other payments)

In what cases you should contact the lawyers on the application of the Tax Code of Ukraine:

  • When you want to determine and calculate for your company benefit from the application of different taxation systems, choose another tax system
  • When you are in the process activities of your company faced with an ambiguous practice of application of norms of the Tax Code by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine
  • When you receive notification that your company will be planned / unplanned inspection SFS Ukraine
  • When you receive a tax notice-decision with the requirement to pay a sum of arrears / fines / penalties and are going to appeal
  • When you need advice on the application of the legislation on avoidance of double taxation

What are we doing when working with questions about the application of tax legislation:

  • Provide you with a written consultation on a question;
  • Prepare and submit a request to the SFS in order to obtain individual advice on your question, so you can use it as part of your activity;
  • We will consult on the application, registration of cash register and on receipt of payment for your goods / services in cash;
  • We will represent your interests in court in disputes with fiscal authorities of Ukraine.

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  • Our company has been in cooperation with LBM (Legal Bureau ‘Maximum’) since 2010.