Registration any change of the legal entity, a physical person-entrepreneur, including its liquidation

What we do in these services:

  • We consult you on the steps of providing the services within your request;

  • we voice a cost that will not increase in the future;

  • we prepare all draft documents and consult on the need for their legalization / apostille (in the case of non-resident participation);

  • We spend all registration actions and transmit the results of the inventory under you;

  • on the sale / purchase of business we conduct due diligence (legal audit) of the company.

When you should apply to lawyers on the issue of registration of changes itself (as PPI), or changes in your company:

  • When you change address;

  • When you change the information about the founders or the founders or changing founders' shares;

  • When you change the size the charter capital (decrease, increase);

  • When the authority of the Director or the General Meeting of change in your company;

  • when you change kinds of activities;

  • When you have decided to reorganize the company ( joining, division, separation, merger);

  • When you decide to sell the business;

  • When you decide to close the business;