Dealing with the economic and legal agreements (including foreign economic agreements)

What does a customer by contacting us on the conclusion of the agreement:

  • We analyze your arrangements and clothe them in a written legal form (contract);

  • We are warning of possible risks in connection with the conclusion / execution of the contract and offer ways to minimize them;

  • We can take part in the negotiations with your counterparty;

  • we check the counterparty to all existing registries in order to verify its reliability and make up for you a short reference;

  • We analyze the judicial processes in which your counterparty is involved, all with the same purpose to verify its reliability and dynamic performance of its contractual obligations;

  • We also compose the typical samples of contracts, which the Customer can provide its clients for signature;

  • We are working with the objections of the counterparty of the Client, we find the arguments and defend their position;

  • We prepare a protocol of disagreements in the form of additions to the standard contracts.

Why should you to contact the law firm «Maximum» at the conclusion of the agreement:

  • We help you to negotiate with the counterparty on all essential terms of any contract, and tell what kind of conditions;

  • We can help eliminate the risks at contract signing such as the recognition of the contract null and void, void or not concluded;

  • We will help you avoid the «pitfalls» in the form of «language confusion», «ambiguity language», «vague language»;

  • We are prescribe a loyal mechanism of attraction to contractual responsibility on both sides and remove the «outweigh» in the direction of one of them;

  • At composed of agreements, we take into consideration the position of fiscal authorities, expressed in their letters, recommendations, summarizes the consultation.

We have 12 years of experience in the design of agreements:

  • Supply and sale and purchase;

  • Providing various types of services, works and construction contracts;

  • Agreement on providing of personnel (outstaffing / outsourcing) employment agreements;

  • Lease agreement, leasing;

  • Distribution of agreements, franchising and licensing agreements;

  • Other types of agreements.