Legal Subscription Service of companies

Legal Subscription Service of trading companies (all kinds of goods, including excisable, as well as pharmaceutical products)


Legal Subscription Service of companies providing services / executing the works (logistics, transportation and forwarding, consulting, construction, financing, provision of of the rent areas, etc.)

Why you need legal services on a subscription basis:

  • You will receive a report on the legal status of your company (possible weekly);
  • You receive legal protection and representation of your interests during inspections by any governmental authorities;
  • You receive a guaranteed process your request in 2-3 hours;
  • You receive the value of an hour as part of a subscription service is cheaper, and the cost of services that are not included in Legal Subscription Service — at a discount;
  • You can plan your budget based on our fixed subscription fee.

What are we doing as part of a subscription service?

  • prepare written consultations (short and clear) on the application of the law as part of your request;
  • consult verbally;
  • design commercial contract (supplies, services, rental, leasing, financial assistance, contracting, etc.);
  • check the reliability of the company before conclusion of the contract;
  • take part in negotiations with contractors, compile a protocol of disagreements;
  • drive out the client's office (if necessary);
  • we compose a claim, trying to settle the dispute through negotiations with the counterparty;
  • to participate in the general meeting of the members, prepare the Minutes of General Meeting of Participants;
  • prepare internal company documents (orders, regulations, etc.);
  • prepare term employment contracts with the staff.

Why you should choose our company Legal Bureau «Maximum» as a legal assistant:

  • We have teamwork, so in case the temporary absence one of a lawyer, the work will not stop;
  • We are constantly improving our skills, visit and take part in the seminars not only in its basic practices, but also on related, increasing the legal outlook;
  • We are able to make rational use of time;
  • We have good partnerships with other law firms, so if your question — not our competence, we will certainly recommend you to our reliable partners.

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  • ТМ Milavitsa
  • Our company has been in cooperation with LBM (Legal Bureau ‘Maximum’) since 2010.