Repetska Olga

Repetska Olga - senior lawyer

Work experience - 12 years

Education - higher legal

She graduated from the Law Faculty of the Kiev Academy of Water Transport named after P. Konashevich Sagaydachnogo in 2009.


  • representing the interests of companies in the commercial, administrative courts, general courts
  • representing the interests of businesses and individuals in the course of enforce the judgment
  • support of the conclusion of leases of commercial real estate and related agreements
  • support of the conclusion of supply contracts, analyzing and minimizing risks, preparation and adaptation of the dispute resolution protocol to interests of the parties
  • support the checks the state of the company
  • legal support of the business enterprises
  • keeping of personnel records


  • Effective protection of client's interests in a dispute with the fiscal authorities (2013 - 2014)
  • Representing the client to creditors to settle the dispute in the pretrial order (as a result parties signed mutually agreement)
  • Protection of client's interests in a dispute with now-resident in the Commercial Court of Kyiv (dispute on debt collection under the contract of transport expedition decided by agreement by refusing the plaintiff's claim of non-resident)
  • Representing a creditor in bankruptcy
  • Protecting the interests of clients in disputes concerning debt collection contracts (delivery, damages under the contract for services)

Professional development (seminars, trainings):

  • LihaZakon Practicum "Effective HR department" 2012
  • LihaZakon Practicum "Labor and social changes, a new HR reporting" 2012
  • LihaZakon Practicum "Freight forwarding services, transportation, warehousing in 2015" 2015
  • LihaZakon Practicum "Debt recovery: verified mechanisms for prevention and settlement of disputes" 2016
  • Training in the Training Center Astra Sapience "Business Negotiations", 2017