Violation of migration legislation

Recommendations for foreigners who have violated the terms of stay in Ukraine


1. You can apply directly to the SMS (State Migration Service) at your place of residence (residence) in Ukraine, where to get a copy of Protocol of the administrative liability and pay the penalty according to art. 203 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (from 510 to 850 UAH) in any bank of Ukraine within a specified period.

Keep in mind that the SMS authorities may also impose liability on owners who have provided you with a living space, but did not ensure timely registration of the place of residence. In this case, the owner of the housing will be fined in the amount of from 340 UAH to 680 UAH.

Appeal to the SMS and payment of penalty before leaving from Ukraine will greatly facilitate the passage of border control. The availability of a copy of the protocol on liability and penalty payment will accelerate the passage of passport control and guarantees the absence of additional fines imposed by the bodies of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine for violation of the period of stay in Ukraine.


2. If you leave the territory of Ukraine and the employees of the frontier service detect your violation of the period of stay in Ukraine, the penalty is imposed directly by authorized persons of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. Registration is done by the protocol and the obligation to pay the penalty within 15 days. In case of non-payment of a penalty within a certain period, the information about such person is entered into the corresponding database and at the next crossing of the Ukrainian border, a ban on entry for a term of 3 years may be issued.


Please note that the payment of a penalty and the leave the territory of Ukraine in any case does not mean that you can have the next day to return to Ukraine and count 90 days begin at the beginning. No! Due to a violation of the term of stay during your last visit to Ukraine, you will be denied the crossing of the state border of Ukraine for at least 3 months, or even more.