Migration Law. The passing the Ukrainian border controls by entry into Ukraine (confirmation of the purpose of the visit to Ukraine and the sufficiency of financial provision)

Foreigners who do not have residence permits in Ukraine (temporary / permanent) enter the territory of Ukraine with visas (for countries with a visa order of entry), or without visas (for foreigners in the EU, CIS, the US and some other countries).

When crossing the Ukrainian border, a foreigner must meet the following requirements:
1) have a valid passport document;
2) the lack of a decision of the state bodies of Ukraine on the prohibition of entry into Ukraine;
3) the presence of an entry visa to Ukraine;
4) confirmation of the purpose of the visit. Confirmation of the purpose of the visit is carried out at the request of the border control inspector for the passage of foreigners of the 2nd control line, which, in turn, foreigners pass through the analysis and risk assessment during the 1st line of control.
 - If a foreigner from a country with a visa order of entry, it is desirable for him to have documents that he applied for a C or D visa at the Ukrainian Embassy (preferably in the originals, or in copies if the originals were submitted to the Ukrainian Embassy). Such documents include invitations from legal entities / individuals, which also indicate the purpose of the visit to Ukraine. If you indicate that you are going to relatives in Ukraine - be prepared to show documents (even if you have a visa), confirming family ties with citizens of Ukraine or with foreigners who legally reside on the territory of Ukraine.

Начало формы

- If a foreigner is from a country with a visa-free entry - then, depending on the purpose of the visit, supporting documents are provided, as follows:
     If a visit to Ukraine with the purpose of visiting relatives is necessary to provide confirmation of family ties;
     If at the invitation of friends-Ukrainians or citizens of other countries staying on the territory of Ukraine legally - invitations to such friends, notarized. The latter especially applies to Russian citizens, despite the fact that the Government of Ukraine and the Russian Federation signed an agreement on visa-free travel of citizens of Ukraine and the Russian Federation, 16.01.1997. The notary form of an invitation for foreigners is obligatory only for invitations for foreigners from countries with a visa order of entry. Therefore, every foreigner (especially a citizen of the Russian Federation) decides for himself whether he is ready to enter into a dialogue with the inspector of the Border Service of Ukraine and prove the inapplicability to him of a notary form of an invitation from an individual or it is easier to prepare such documents in advance and have them with him;
     If with a tourist purpose - it is necessary to show the reservation or payment for the hotel;
      If at the invitation of the enterprise,- then such an invitation is made only on the letterhead of the enterprise with the stamp, no notarization is necessary. In addition, it is desirable to provide also an extract / extract of the Ukrainian company, confirming its registration in the territory of Ukraine;
      If you are going to work in Ukraine and enter after getting a work permit for you - show a copy of the work permit.

If the purpose of the visit is treatment in Ukraine / birth in Ukraine - an invitation from a medical institution and a contract for the provision of medical services, documents confirming the booking or payment of accommodation, the treatment itself, etc.
 That is, even this category of foreigners who can enter without a visa to the territory of Ukraine needs in advance to take care of documents confirming the purpose of entry.
5) confirmation of sufficient financial security for the planned stay and for departure from Ukraine; At what such confirmation is carried out while passing by foreigners the second line of control (see below) and is conducted by border guards selectively. Confirm the availability of finance should be based on a monthly basis (20 times the subsistence minimum at the date of entry), that is:

- from 01.01.18 - 1762 UAH * 20 = 35 240 UAH per month,
- from 01.07.2018 - 1841 UAH * 20 = 36 820 UAH per month,
- from 01.12.2018 - 1921 UAH * 20 = 38 420 UAH per month.

If the period of stay is before or more than a month, then divide the indicated amount by 30 days and multiply by the planned number of days of stay.

Confirmation methods:
- Visual inspection of cash;
-visual examination of the bank card and account statement;
- study of the document of booking or payment for accommodation, meals in Ukraine;
-examination of the contract for tourist services;
- study of the guarantee letter of the receiving party (physical / legal person);
-Checking the availability of a return ticket with a fixed date

6) biometric verification and identification of citizens of Ukraine, foreigners, persons without
citizenship for the purpose of fixing biometric data (scanning the fingers of the right hand in the absence of a biometric passport) or control with the help of the biometric passport (if available).
Consequence of violation by a foreigner of border control:
       If the foreigner does not comply with one or more of the conditions listed above by passing the control, the foreigner receives a refusal to cross the border of Ukraine in the form of a Decision with mandatory indication of the reasons for the refusal. The decision is made in 2 copies and to handover to the foreigner by his signature. At what, if he refuses to sign it, border guards make up a corresponding act about this. The decision can be appealed in accordance with the procedure provided for in the Law of Ukraine "On the Treatment of Citizens" or in the courts. The process of appealing the decision does not stop its implementation. The foreigner goes back to the country from which he arrived and can already remotely process the appeal process through the Ukrainian attorney.
      If the ban on crossing the border of Ukraine concerned a foreigner from a country with a visa order of entry (in the presence of a visa), such a visa may be revoked even on the spot, but only if there is one of the grounds: 1. Either there is a decision of the relevant state body of Ukraine on prohibition of entry into Ukraine 2. Or there is a reasoned reason to assume that the visa is forged.
 Moreover, the failure to provide a foreigner with documents confirming the purpose and conditions of stay in Ukraine can not be grounds for the cancellation of a visa.

Sotnyk Tatyana